With Unparalleled CPC Capability, Synway’s SS7/SIP VoIP Gateway Boosts Dialing Efficiency Exponentially

Challenges in contact center and OBD  

In the operational process of call center and OBD, CPS(call per second) always is a key target that Call center operators want to constantly improve, and could have the impact on OPEX and ROI of the whole system. In the practical application, the efficiency of the call center is impacted by various factors, and CPS is one of them.


Excellent Signaling Capability  

Signaling and media processing capability have the effect on CPS specification. Dedicated DSP Chipsets are adopted in Synway SMG3000 series E1/T1 VoIP gateways to process SS7 and ISDN protocols. All signaling processing is completed in the dedicated DSPs with the homegrown field-proven algorithm. SS7 MSU signaling processing efficiency can reach 512 / sec, while rival products’ MSU processing is only 150 / sec, Synway E1/T1 gateways , with higher SS7 signaling processing capacity than rivals, could meet any demanding needs in the high-scalability contact center.


Powerful Media Processing Capacity

Synway SMG3000 series E1/T1 VoIP gateways adopt high-performance media processing chipsets. In fully-loaded concurrent calling status, the media processing speed of SMG3000 series would be up to24kbps, with HD media voice quality. For instance, the calling rate of SMG3016 (16E1/T1) would be up to 150CPS, and the capacity of SIP-based concurrent calling could be up to 900CPS, with high reliability and performance.


A range of codecs, such as G.711-A rate, U rate, G.729, G.723, iLBC, G.722, AMR, Silk, Opus, and others dynamic coding can be perfectly supported by SMG3000. Especially for Silk encoding, it can work normally in the real-time bandwidth of 6-40Kbps. Even if in case the packet loss is up to 10%, it can maintain 20KHz sampling rate, ensuring IP-based media voice quality can be equivalent with that in the fixed line.  

Call Classification Further Boosts CPS indicator

The optical call classification, electrical call classification, IP-to-IP call classification can be supported by Synway SMG3000 series E1/T1 VoIP gateways. At present, call center operators usually take 25-30s to inform the calling parties. With Synway high-efficient and accurate call classifications function and advanced voice detection algorithm, it could identify the media to classify dialing, it only needs around 6 seconds.

The above three features in Synway SMG3000 series E1/T1 VoIP gateways , can significantly improve CPS parameters, and also enhance the efficiency of call center and outbound dialing (OBD).