VoIP Communication is not safe and reliable? Synway’s Gateway’s SRTP/TLS works out for you

In the VoIP communication system, communication security is the most critical. At present, Synway’s SMG's VoIP gateways support communication encryption for VoIP communications.

The method of communication encryption can generally be divided into SIP encryption and RTP encryption. Among them, SIP encryption is TLS, a secure transport layer protocol in VoIP communication for providing confidentiality and data integrity between two communication applications. TLS protocol consists of the TLS Record protocol and the TLS Handshake protocol. TLS can complete functions such as information transmission, data segmentation, compression, application MAC, encryption, and transmission. The data received is decrypted, verified, decompressed, and reassembled.

RTP encryption is SRTP referring to Secure Real-time Transport Protocol. It is mainly used for the security of real-time voice streams and video streams on the network. SRTP provides AES symmetric encryption and HMAC algorithm authentication.

100% digital encryption
Synway’s SMG gateways digitally compresses and encodes audios through TLS/SRTP, and then encrypts and modulates the coded data. This eradicates the possibility to use audio analysis to cyber attack communication security. .

End-to-End Communication Protection
With TLS/SRTP, end-to-end encrypted calls can be implemented in various standard audio channels, so that no any third-party vendors are required to provide special lines or operation and maintenance support. The encryption key is completely managed independently, avoiding the interception or technology default.

Synway SMG Gateway + Session Border Controller Create a Perfect Communication System
In order to maximize value, enterprise communication developers can adopt SMG gateway + SBC to build a high security communication system. SBC is usually deployed at the border of the enterprise network to normalize IP and bridge voice traffics in different IP domains, providing network security and playing an important role in enterprise-class and carrier-grade VoIP communications systems.

Synway SBC500 Feature Description:

  • Implement Dos/DDos protection and QOS/TOS/DSCP settings;

  • Signaling Encryption (TLS/IPSec) and Media Encryption (SRTP);

  • NAT penetration, SIP/H.323/H.248 protocol interoperability, support for IPV4, IPV6 and VPN;

  • Load balancing, traffic policy, rate limiting function, RTP transcoding;

  • Telephone theft protection and assure redundancy for multiple devices.