Why Synway's UC series IP PBX Appliance?


  • High Performance in Extreme Environments

    The UC series are easy-to-manage, customizable and robust IP PBX Appliances (sized at Desktop, 1U and 2U for SMB and Large Enterprises). It optimizes system resource and efficiency via stochastic algorithm, effectively eliminating system risk and improving reliability in any unexpected scenarios at 365x24x7.

  • Full Range of Features for SMBs & Enterprises

    It delivers converged voice, video, data & mobility and can also be managed remotely via its advanced web interface. The UC series IP PBXs are securely backed by a full three year warranty on both hardware and software.

  • Plug & Play Setup & Auto-Provision Endpoints

    The UC series can be setup, customized and managed with just a few clicks using an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface. The web-Ul features Zero Configuration automatic provisioning of optional endpoints, allowing for creation of a complete PBX system effortlessly.

  • Customizable & Secure Voice Features

    The UC series PBXs include an advanced set of voice features that is on-par with other rival brands. With SBC functionalities, it supports all major voice codecs, numerous calling features and can protect calls via multi-layer encryption mode, making it an ideal solution for enterprises concerned about voice privacy.

  • Hi-Quality Video Calls & Surveillance

    Increase productivity with real-time video calls to customers and employees as the UC series supports video between any SIP compliant devices, such as video phones, door access cameras, video conferencing solutions and video surveillance cameras.

  • Advanced Data Communications for Better Productivity

    The UC series has built-in support for call detail records(CDR)to monitor calling habits and record call history, support for LDAP phonebooks that can be set up through the PBX rather through each IP phone individually, voicemail & fax forwarding to email and automatic system backup.

  • Remote Mobility Applications for Access Anywhere

    The UC series allows you to access your business from anywhere in the world. Use compatible softphone applications to make and receive calls using your business line directly on your smartphone, monitor your business' surveillance cameras and receive alerts worldwide.

  • No Extra Licensing Fee for Hardware & Software

    With the UC series, you never have to pay for licensing fees, additional features or firmware upgrades. The UC series is a turnkey solution that delivers dynamic enterprise-grade features without any additional costs. All hardware and software is included in the purchase price.