Synway's VoIP Gateway Family Offers Unparalleled Values for Service Providers and System Integrators

Thanks to the past two years’ continuous efforts, Synway finally made a huge breakthrough and brought out a whole new package of VoIP gateway solutions. Our VoIP gateway, different than rivals, not just for its high cost advantages, but relies more on the easy-to-use, customizable and Plug-And-Play capabilities. We are proud of our world class voice optimization technologies, which ensures seamless interoperability under any complex network environments and also makes the VoIP gateway an ideal option for system integrators and software developers.


Our products would offer more competitive advantages in pricing points, services and warranty, please check our portfolios:

•    Customizable IP-PBX systems, 5~100 concurrent call and 60~1,000 registered users
•    high availability and survivability 5~2000 pure and hybrid SBC
•    High protocols compatibility: 4/8/16/32 ports GSM/UMTS/VoLTE Wireless gateway
•    Highly adaptive hybrid Gateway with T1/E1/FXO/FXS/Wireless interface
•    High Availability: 1/2/4/8/16/64 E1 SS7/PRI/SIGTRAN gateway
•    Lowest Cost: 4/8/16/32 FXS/FXO analog gateway

Synway VoIP Gateway features include:

•    Support and interface with all 2G/3G/FXO/FXS/E1/T1 & Transcoding/SBC for carrier, SPs, enterprise;
•    User-friendly configuration, GUI, centralized administration, customizable features, and functionalities;
•    DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;
•    High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;
•    Telecom grade reliability and continuous high performance in fully loaded capacity and in the long run;
•    Homegrown hardware and software technologies to guarantee relevant upgrading and customization;  

About Synway

As a leading designer of Telecom hardware and IP communications, Synway has been specialized in providing VoIP Gateway, Softswitching Platform, CTI Voice Board and Call Logging Hardware since the 1990s. Over 3,000 solution providers from 56 countries have benefited from Synway’s widest product portfolios and decades of service expertise and applied Synway’s signaling and media processing technologies into Unified Messaging, Call Center, SIP Trunking, Soft Switching, and more IP communications.