Why Does Synway Provide ITSP and System Integrators With More Benefits?

As a leading designer of Telecom hardware and IP communications, Synway has been specialized in providing VoIP Gateway, Softswitching Platform, CTI Voice Board and Call Logging Hardware since the 1990s. Over 3,000 solution providers from 56 countries have benefited from Synway’s widest product portfolios and decades of service expertise and applied Synway’s signaling and media processing technologies into Unified Messaging, Call Center, SIP Trunking, Soft Switching, and more IP communications.

In past two decades, Synway commits to providing partners with unparalleled values and highly accessible services. And its positioning values as follows help a number of clients succeed in hypercompetitive marketplaces around the world.

Commercial Values

  • Cost is Lowest or not:
    Synway: higher scalability & operation efficiency and lower-cost dynamic supply chain system help you win any bidding in hyper-competition;

    Competitors: lower scalability and worse supply chain system cannot control cost better or protect customer values;



  • Lifetime Warranty or not:
    Synway: With lower defective rate and higher MTBF up to 200,000Hrs, Synway provides lifetime warranty for free;

    Competitors: higher failure rate, expensive service charge, limited after-sale warranty (usually 1-year) or no warranty available;


    •  Help customers grow or not?
      Synway: Listen to customers, help them develop new business opportunities; dynamically and organically grow business together;

      Competitors: only casual customer-supplier relationship, not coexistence relationship, cannot help customers create new opportunities;


    Technical Values

    • Customizability for free or not:
      Synway: according to actual needs of users, offer free custom-made services, new features, help users to achieve differentiated advantage;

      Competitors: cannot provide personalized services, or can’t do so promptly, or charge a high fee to fulfill customized services;



    • Features is richest or not:
      Synway: combining requirements of thousands of users, have a wealth of functions to meet both personalized and standardized needs;

      Competitors: functions are limited, or only can provide standard ones, cannot meet the needs of users provide users with value-added features;



    • Future-proof or not

      Synway: with the latest edge-cutting technology, not only satisfy today’s needs, but meet the future needs, including Cloud, Mobility and UC;

      Competitors: Products only meet the contemporary needs, cannot fit to future needs and protect customers’ long-term values;