Welcome New and Different 2021, With Synway's VoIP Products and Value Positioning

Synway, a designer and manufacturer of communication products, provides global system integrator and service provides with a complete range of equipment including VoIP Gateway, SBC and IP PBX. Synway has unique powers to help you succeed in a hyper-competitive VoIP market, for some accessible and tangible values as follows:

  • A complete of product range for your needs: Session border controller, wireless GSM/WCDMA/4G gateway, FXO/FXS gateway, E1/T1 gateway, Hybrid gateway, VoIP platform;

  • Meet any of your requirements if needed: listen to your needs, 24*7 accessible technical support, design any standard or custom-made features to distinguish you from any rivals;

  • Outperform other brands in any situations: Dedicated DSPs with two decades of algorithm; smooth interoperability with your applications; powerful signaling/media processing capability;

  • Highest commercial values for you: lowest cost of ownership, longest warranty, free result-guaranteed technical support, free samples or consignment available in your site;

In Coronavirus pandemic, Synway's producs and service will deliver tangible and unparalleled values for you due to some special functionality, including online debugging, user-friendly GUI, remote management system and Plug-and-Play (PNP).

Synway's IP-PBX, E-SBC and VoIP Gateway have benefits for your business growth, for its unmatched cost advantage (50% less than rivals), high reliability and customizability to perfectly match your needs and surpass your competitors.


With 1,500 people, Synway has done business with over 1,000 VoIP service providers, system integrators from China, USA, Brazil, India, Germany, UK or more.

Let me simply introduce Synway's product lines:

  • IP-PBX: 15-100 concurrent call, 1,000 registered users, all standard or enhanced UC features, less than 0.5$ per user with no license fee;

  • Pure SBC and Hybrid SBC & Gateway: 5~2000 Sessions, DSP transcoding, SRTP/TLS/HTTPS and More; less than 5$ per session with lifetime warranty;

  • VoIP Gateway: 2~1,920 Chs, GSM/WCDMA/VoLTE /FXO/FXS/SS7/PRI/SIP Gateway; less than 5$ per session with unparalleled prices;


Synway's Analog FXO/FXS VoIP Gateway, unmatched cost & Lifetime Warranty! Analog FXO/FXS gateway is still very useful and cost effective where legacy phone set and PBX have to connect with VoIP network. In hospitality hotels, analog gateway is still very useful to upgrade this legacy phone system to VoIP. Synway's FXO/FXS analog gateway features high cost efficiency, seamless interoperability with diverse legacy wiring phone systems and robust architecture. Its cost is unmatched (as low as 6$ per port). With 3-year warranty and free support (firmware upgrade), you can maximize your value of ownership. Synway's SMG1000 series analog gateway features as follows:

  • FXO/FXS Gateway: 4/8/16/24/32Chs, RJ11/RJ21 Interface

  • Superior voice Quality by Designated DSP Chipsets

  • User-Friendliness and Web-based Administration

  • Unmatched cost advantage for legacy system renovation

Synway's IP-PBX has all must-be and enhanced features, including zero touch auto-provision with SIP phones, which greatly simplify field installation and maintenance; With interfaces with FXO/FXS ports, this IP-PBX also includes a majority of SBC functionalities to offer high level of security for your communications system. Please refer to Synway's IP-PBX phone systems as the follows:

  • 5~100 Concurrent Calls in 1U footprint

  • 100~500 Registered Users

  • Comprehensive UC Features

  • Survivability Via PSTN Network

  • Integrated Security(SRTP/RTP/HTTPS)

About Synway
As a leading designer of Telecom hardware and IP communications, Synway has been specialized in providing VoIP Gateway, Softswitching Platform, CTI Voice Board and Call Logging Hardware since the 1990s. Over 3,000 solution providers from 56 countries have benefited from Synway’s widest product portfolios and decades of service expertise and applied Synway’s signaling and media processing technologies into Unified Messaging, Call Center, SIP Trunking, Soft Switching, and more IP communications.