Hybrid PRI Gateway and SBC
  • Dedicated DSP and Processor Chipsets for 5~30Chs SBC Session and 30Chs PRI Gateway

  • Decades of Field-Proven Technologies for Highest Level of Security

  • Standardize Diverse Proprietary SIP protocols in Global Networks

  • Support Intelligent Network Monitoring, Management & Diagnosis

With the development of VoIP technology, VoIP communication applications for enterprise become ubiquitous. To empower them to harness and exploit IP-based communication networks efficiently and effortlessly, Synway’s new generation gateway and session border controller, redefines and safeguards smooth interoperability among diverse multimedia applications, complete standardization among different IP protocols and the highest level of security in any networks.

SBC(Session Border Controller), an organic  component of communication solution, often is implemented as connection point between internal and external networks, being used for bridging IP-based multimedia transmission among different IP network and ensuring communication security in networks of enterprises, services providers and carriers.

This device also supports voice densities up to 30 channels (E1/T1), call routing, call translation and IP transcoding for gateway operations. The integrated gateway functionality not only provides interworking between IP and TDM domains, but also automated failover from IP to TDM for outbound routing. These capabilities make this device an excellent option for mobile VAS, SIP trunking, contact center and emergency service deployments, as well as for retail, wholesale, business, and enhanced Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

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Key Features and Benefits

Basic Features and Functions For SBC

  • Dos/DDos protection

  • QOS/ TOS/DSCP setting

  • Signal encryption(TLS/IPSec)

  • Media encryption(SRTP)

  • NAT transverse

  • SIP/H.323/H.248 interworking

  • Support IPV4、IPV6 and VPN

  • Load balancing

  • Transmission speed limit

  • RTP encoding/decoding

  • Anti-phreaking

  • Redundancy and Backup

  • Flexible Scalability for Enterprises and SMB

5 ~ 30 simultaneous SIP sessions with dedicated DSP-powered multimedia transcoding provide high performance in a small footprint to help lower ownership cost and reassure high security at borders.

  • Powerful Gateway and Media Functionality

30 simultaneous SIP sessions with multimedia transcoding, and 30 channels of ISDN PRI signaling. also supports any-to-any media transcoding for popular voice codecs. T.38 and G.711 fax interworking and support for RTP, INBAND and SIPINFO method based tones and event

  • Ensure Highest Level of Operational Security

SBC30 offers real-time communication surveillance solution for enterprises/SPs/carriers communication systems, and helps them deliver any business-driven applications effortlessly and safely.

  • Deliver Hi-Flexibility for Session Management

Secure connectivity and controlling can be offered by SBC30, as it efficiently supports bilateral and multilateral interconnection among different networks; besides, Dialing and IP/PSTN routing available.

  • Improve Communication Integration Capability

SBC bridges operators with enterprise communication networks seamlessly, rationalizes traffic, streamlines business procedures, and optimizes SIP trunking, PBX/H.323/SIP and VoIP applications.

  • Balance Resources and Optimize Loading

Load protection at the border of network provides highly differentiated voice and multimedia services through multi-level resource-balancing policies, registration limit, ID authentication and authorization.

  • Integrated Transcoding for Voice & Video

Eliminate need to add separate hardware to support transcoding requirements, and support a range of Codecs, including G.723, G.729, G.711, iLBC, SIPINFO, RFC2833, RF3261, INBOUND and more.