Fixed Intelligent Cellular Access Management System

  • Fixed design, and support access management in public networks

  • Complete control of cellular access in secured area

  • Allow all white-listed phone users to proceed unimpeded

Synway's fixed cellular access management system leverages its decades of expertise in cellular network communications to provide complete control of cellular access within and around a facility. The system offers an immediate and efficient solution to address issues of contraband or unauthorized use of cell phones within secured areas.

Protect Your Facility From Unwanted Cell Phone Conversations
Designed to allow administrators to manage access to public cellular networks with the option, this system allows white-listed users and emergency calls to proceed unimpeded. It is specifically optimized for each facility, based on local commercial cellular coverage, layout of the premises, and best practices for cellular signal control.

By customizing the system to cover just the commercial cellular bands and technologies in use at the specific facility, the solution minimizes hardware and installation costs, allowing the facility to limit access to the commercial carrier networks. Additionally, each controllable facility coverage area ensures access to network is not extended beyond the facility boundaries.

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  • State-of-the-art technology for more intelligent control

Synway’s wireless communication control system completely adopts advanced wireless communication technology, and its evolving architecture can assure system upgrade and compliance with existing frequency spots and upcoming 5G.

  •  Intelligent configuration management process

Synway’s wireless control system supports intelligent network search function, and can automatically or manually scan base station parameter configuration in control area in the public network. Besides, it could analyze all available frequency spots and signal quality, and further decipher neighbor list information in each available frequency spot.

  • A range of control measures for various application scenarios

Synway wireless communication control can efficiently shield voice, SMS, data and other phone functionalities, while the wireless terminals can be managed via SMS reminders or SMS alert. In the control area, the signal shielding ratio on illegal wireless terminals can be as high as 99.9%. And shielding leakage is minimized and limited to less than 5 meters away from control area, while not interfering upon devices or terminals outside control area.

  • User friendly intelligent analysis and screening

Synway wireless intelligent control system can detect information, illegal mobile terminal serial Number (IMSI), intrusion time, carrier, number zone, black and white list function (enable white list user to restore its functions). If the system works with Synway’s one-man device, it can also locate target within control area.

  • Powerful backend software system

Synway’s wireless communication intelligent control system has a powerful backend management function, including user management, equipment management, maintenance, SMS management, report management and any other ease-of-use management tools.

Fixed system
This fixed intelligent Cellular Access Management system of wireless communication adopts simulated base-station and computer intelligent management and controlling technology. And it could identify unauthorized and authorized mobile phones, and disconnect unauthorized mobile phones from available base stations. By so doing, the unauthorized phones would be shielded from these stations, except the simulated one. All authorized mobile phones would be granted to conduct normal communication after they are identified as authorized numbers by simulated base station.

Fixed Cellular Access Management system consists of intelligent controller, backend management and antenna.

Intelligent controller: control all wireless signals from any carriers in the control area. The intelligent controller includes: 2G, CDMA, 3G, 4G and other control modules, as well as amplifier control, multiplexer, network interconnection, power supply, and management module.

Backend management system: monitoring platform, real-time monitor device operation and parameter configuration.

Antenna feed system: Through the antenna, evenly distribute resources to the control area to ensure even coverage of the signal.

Function description:

  • In control area, mobile phone reboot, voice, SMS or other illegal activities can be monitored;

  • In a variety of formats, such as IMSI, IMEI, ESN and time could be captured;

  • For all illegal mobile phones in the control area, the system could implement information collecting, behavior detection, real-time alarm;

  • Could control mobile phone number, SMS content for real-time access;

  • Support remote upgrade, easy maintenance and management;