Call Recording Card & SDK

  • Actively/Passively Tap Into Analog, Digital, Trunking, SIP Lines

  • Wide Product Range, Half-Length For Mini, PCI/PCIe Interfaces

  • World-Class Call Recording Technology, DSP or CPU Empowered

For two decades Synway has consolidated its position as a leading International call recording hardware solution vendor. Because Synway's products and services react rapidly to unpredictable business and industry environments, they provide continual advantages to small, medium and large scaled developers and clients. In other words, in today's changeable and hyper competitive business environment, Synway enables clients to grow organically and be well rewarded for their risk and helps them expand by offering unparalleled and continuous innovation.

Based upon its well established products and services for call recording application providers, Synway now is progressing into a new era of growth. To cement its brand as a world-class vendor of call recording hardware, Synway will help clients overcome new challenges in unexpected economic situations and cooperate with more partners, especially public relations partners in the next stage of growth.

Key Values

By continually developing and sharpening its products, Synway helps optimize clients' product features and help them innovate. Having worked with our products over time, our clients have helped Synway achieve: the most diverse product ranges, greatest scalability, greatest compliance with multi-protocols and multi-networks, and the most installations in Asia, European, and America. Tested and optimized for many networks, Synway's product portfolios support Analog, Digital, PBX, Radar and IP network connections worldwide.