Feature-Rich and Cost-Effective Broadcasting System Build on Synway VoIP PBX and Fanvil's IP Phones

Before the advent of the digital age, the original analog audio-based broadcasting system can only use and transmit the analog signal output by the card holder, CD machine, microphone and other equipment, from the program source to the sound ingress unit, all need dedicated audio line connection, limited by power and line, transmission distance, the number of sound units are very limited, the expansion is not strong.

The digital network audio broadcasting system can be integrated into TCP/IP network, directly using the existing TCP/IP network, no need for additional wiring, the use of embedded addressing terminal settings and independent IP address, can be connected across the gateway, so that the use of the sound cell space with the extension of TCP/IP network can reach "infinite distance." At the same time, digital audio broadcasting system can support the digital conversion of various analog sources, directly apply the audio resources of digital format, with the popularity of TCP/IP network, digital network audio broadcasting is the development direction of audio broadcasting.



Benefits of broadcasting system based on Synway UC IP-PBX:

Fit to diverse application environments
Digital broadcasting system based on Synway's UC series IP-PBX, can be used in schools, sightseeing points, airports, train stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, community, etc. and deliver a range of features like background music, voice alarm, broadcast towards certain people knots, intercom interaction and other applications. All application scenarios which need digital broadcasting, can be realized through Synway's UC series products and SIP-based broadcast terminal equipments from Fanvil.

High scalability and expandability
The digital broadcasting system based on Synway's IP-PBX fully considers the integration of digital broadcasting system and other third-party systems, and so can be seamlessly connected with third-party systems, such as fire alarm system, which assures to build up overall systems to handle high-demanding situations.

High Intelligence and automation
The digital broadcast system can realize the group-control mode, which can group all kinds of audio digital media content effortlessly to enhance the flexibility of digital broadcast management. You can upload audio files at Synway's UC200 IP-PBX to form playlists and control the playback status (pause, start, or stop) in real time. Users also can implement diverse kinds of broadcasting modes, such as real-time, timed-based, triggered or other playback modes, and freely broadcast any saved digital media contents anytime and anywhere.