DTU For Eco-Protection
  • Industrial-grade architecture

  • High reliability and versatility

  • User-Friendly and Standard Compliance

Synway SEDG100 environmental-protection DTU is a special data acquisition and transmission equipment to online monitor sewage, exhaust gas and other pollution sources. It adopts industrial-grade standard design, advanced architecture, and builds a bridge between legacy processing capability and wireless communication module. SEDG100 has diverse interfaces and can collect a range of digital, analog or switching data from monitors and instruments connected with environment. SEDG100 also supports wired networks or 4G wireless networks to connect to a variety of environmental protection platform.

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Industrial-grade architecture

  • Multiple interfaces to support a wide range of environmental sensors

  • 1G memory, 8G Flash storage

  • MicroSD (TF) card expansion storage

  • Power-off protection and data security in power-off condition

  • Lightning protection, surge prevention, explosion prevention, etc.

  • Power consumption less than 10W

  • Chassis IP65 protection

High reliability and versatility

  • Embedded operating system with high scalability

  • Re-transmit data while network recovers to ensure reliability

  • Low power consumption, Anti-lightning, surge, IEC explosion-proof and more

  • Support for IP65 protection

User-Friendly and Standard Compliance

  • HJ 477-2009 Pollution Source Online Automatic Monitoring (Monitoring) Data Acquisition And Transmission Device Technical Requirements"

  • Support standards such as "HJ 212-2017 On-line monitoring (monitoring) system data transmission standards"

  • Support communication protocols of mainstream instrument manufacturers

More basic features

  • Support web interfaced administration and management

  • Support 4G wireless communication modules

  • Support multi-platform data transfer

  • Built-in high-capacity battery power