Industrial Computer
  • Android empowered and Rich Functionality

  • High-performance, industrial-grade processor

  • High wireless transmission & interoperability

Synway industrial computer, using Synway's own hardware architecture, equipped with Android OS, has been used in a range of applications. It supports 2G/3G/4G protocols in real-time communication, USB 3.0 ultra-high-speed data transmission, 100 megabit cable communications, and LVDS HDMI dual-screen simultaneous/non-simultaneous display functions. This industrial computer also possesses RS232, RS485, RS422 ports and other standard protocol peripherals. Simplifying the design of the whole machine system, it brings a simple and smooth operating experience and meets individualized needs of customers.


Equipment with data computing and processing power are widely adopted as technical driver In various industrial automation control systems, like industrial robots in the manufacturing industry, intelligent logistics sorting system in the logistics industry, production line monitoring in the field of consumer goods production, etc. Intelligent industrial computers with strong edge computing capabilities, in the entire production process, can play a huge role.

  • Highlights
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Industrial-grade architecture                                                

  • High-performance, industrial-grade communication processor

  • Android empowered

  • Flexible display configuration

  • High wireless transmission performance

  • Rich peripheral interfaces

Rich functionalities

  • Support RS232, RS485, RS422 and other standard peripherals

  • Support SD card expansion of storage capacity

  • Support mainstream video and visual Codecs/decoding

  • Support LVDS and HDMI display interfaces

  • Support double screen display or dual-screen-display to drive TFT, LCD displays

  • Integrated 2G, 3G, LTE circuits for high-speed wireless data transmission

  • Suitable for diverse industrial controlling landscapes, high-definition network playback

  • Widely used for video advertising, frame advertising and other applications