SMG2000S helps enterprises with legacy PBX to efficiently set up VoIP PBX


Upgrading the traditional switching system, SMG2000S enables enterprise users in TDM networks to switch to IP network successfully, and changing TDM systems into IP systems.

In many cases, there are a lot of enterprise users have installed a variety of TDM-based switches, also access and heavily invest into E1/T1 networks and equipment. Many users hope to fully take advantage of existing resources, as well as reduce operational cost by leveraging the existing networks and TDM switching systems. It becomes a trendy, efficient and flexible option to use affordable VoIP gateways. It incurs no need to renovate the existing wiring network, and saves the user`s time, and make no change over user experiences.  Efficiently transforming the legacy communication systems, SMG2000S has become right choice for enterprises and integrators. With lower cost, SMG2000S is a major product line that Synway specifically design for enterprise users to update TDM system, and its specification is the same as its Telco’s parent SMG2000.


Product performance:

Based on the state-of-art Telco’s SMG2000 series, Synway has released a new enterprise-focused cost effective SMG2000S series VoIP gateway. The newly released SMG2000S adopts the equivalent hardware architecture like its predecessor SMG2000, with fully loaded dedicated DSP chipsets in use for processing IP/TDM signaling and optimizing voice quality. Compared to rival products on marketplaces, SMG2000S features Telco’s high reliability and unparalleled cost efficiency, providing a perfect alternative for enterprises and system integrators in IP communications.


SMG2000S provides enterprises with unmatched values and efficiency, helping system integrators and users to build up more robust and cost effective VoIP gateway used for bridging TDM and IP. Its core values include:

  • Complete range of DSP-Based voice processing resources for better communication quality;

  • Telco’ grade hardware design, DSP-enabling signaling with superior reliability;

  • Homegrown core technologies to assure unparalleled cost for enterprises and SPs;

  • Higher System responsiveness capability in extreme network for better operational results;

  • High performance and stability in cases of unstable(low) bandwidth and high capacity;

  • Inherited Software and Hardware architecture and customer-oriented features and functionalities;


Key features:

SMG2000S adopts long standing field-proven voice processing technologies, based on continually optimized algorithm of dedicated chipsets in diverse networks. It could offer high audio quality, despite of low bandwidth in extreme environment. For that, enterprise users could enjoy smooth communications effortlessly and efficiently, in situations of restricted bandwidth and high density switching.


SMG2000S could help integrators and enterprises to enjoy cost-effective & Reliable telecom applications, including IP-PBX, call center and more. In case of bandwidth limit, SMG2000S outperforms its rivals in fully loading situations, reliably transitioning between TDM and IP.  According to the user`s experience and comparison analysis, SMG2000S features faster system response speed, and connects with the IP/TDM network faster and more reliably, with very low latency, and increases numbers of trunking frequency. SMG can implement full load communication effectively in the case of low bandwidth, and convert TDM to high definition VoIP reliably. SMG adopts a variety of brands components, optimizes embedded system continually during using, assuring the products can maintain a better stability under the circumstance of long time and high-density usage.


Moreover, SMG2000S adopts synway`s SUPERFORM EHCO CANCELLATION to optimize the voice quality, and supports all kinds of voice optimization technology, including CNG,AGC and Adaptive dynamic buffer.  And it also adopts DSP-ENABLED Codecs, including G.711,G.722,G.723,G.729,ILBC, AMR, ect, making the voice performance and processing power unique and being able to satisfy all kinds of applying requirements Under extreme circumstances .


SMG2000S Series adopts telecommunication architecture and use more DSP hardware than similar products, the processing ability is more powerful than most rivals. SMG2000S adopts open platform architecture, which is compatible with all kinds of soft switching and a third-party software. It also can upgrade product functionalities promptly, according to user needs, being seamlessly compatible with diverse networks and applications.

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