A Call recording Pioneer, VPI’s made breakthrough and boosted sales by partnering with Synway

Voice Printed International(VPI)is a world-leading recording solution provider. VPI has started to deploy Synway’s hardware since 2006, and widely applied to all its portfolios and accumulated 60k plus channels in field. Relying on Synway’s services and unrivaled cost advantages, VPI gained high recognition from customers and industry peers.

Headquartered in California, US, VPI empowers more than 1,000 customers globally, including CNN, GE, JP Mogan, US air force etc. Founded in 1994, VPI has been committed to the development and deployment in the fields of interaction recording & analytics as well as quality management for enterprises and public security, establishing a series of universal technical standards to help customers achieve more.


Founded on the principles of innovation and superior service since 1994, VPI partners with customers to ensure their success–delivering software that gets the job done, not shelf wear. At VPI, the software is changing the way the enterprises, government agencies and first responders service and engage their customers. VPI is on mission to replace the world’s inefficient call recording and contact center software with apps people love. 

To better help customers appreciate the values of its products and services, VPI knew for sure the importance of high adaptivity and compatibility to various SPs so as to offer more premium and fully-featured solutions. Also, VPI was dying to make more standardized and cost-efficiency products for the growing needs of global users. Back to 2005, the all-around optimization of VPI’s product line began, including both hardware and software, to maintain the competitiveness among industry players. With over 100 software engineers, 6 years experience of product development and application on average, it was no problem for VPI to optimize the whole software.


What VPI needed to overcome first and foremost, was to find a reliable hardware solution provider. For a long time, USA-based hardware partner failed to meet VPI’s needs, in many aspects, including product upgrade, after-sales service or operational costs. The features and new values that VPI are looking for include:

1.High adaptivity---VPI needed to ensure that its solutions fit into international market needs perfectly to obtain more global selling. Although local market was on the rise, clearly it has been shrinking over the past 10 years. When VPI realized this, it soon started to aim its business expansion at global market.

2.Consistent innovation---With their business getting mature and mature, VPI needed to deliver more innovative products to satisfy its current customers and acquire more prospective ones. But the existing provider was lack of momentum to create something new.

3.High stability and availability---End users often required highly responsive after-sales support and zero-defective solutions, thus it became VPI’s priority to provide support for customers on time. Since many clients are in financial and national security areas, they demanded instant response when support was required.

4.Lower capital expenditure---Obviously, under the hyper-competitive environment, VPI needed to differ itself from other rivals for its unparalleled cost advantages. Since labor force and hardware expenditure consists of most of the total revenue, VPI had to squeeze hardware costs by 50%, which also resulted to 30% increase in sales.


To reach results, VPI decided to partner with Synway at the end. They had started to understand Synway’s product and services in 2003. It took them two years to finish migration process and evaluate Synway’s products and service, and from year 2005 they began to apply Synway solutions into field. Since then, there has been a breakthrough in their business: more sales income, higher operation efficiency and lower post-sales cost. Some of value and benefits which Synway offered for VPI include:

  • Better globalization

    with a complete range of passively or actively tapping categories, Synway products are compatible with all diverse interfaces, such as IP, T1, E1, Analog, PCM, Radar wireless etc. Also, the half-length compact size makes it easily installed into compact server.

  • Customization

    Specifically, Synway products have customizable API so that VPI can meet all the needs from its customers. For instance, VPI can easily distinguish itself from rivals in terms of Codecs, File storage, Start/Stop recording and so on.

  • High MTBF

    Normally, the lifecycle of Synway products is from six to ten years even under 365day full loading situations. Whenever there is a technical problem(design, development, deployment, development), Synway’s 24*7 online or onsite support can address most issues timely and efficiently.

  • Unparalleled cost advantage

    One of Synway’s unique selling points lies in its price. Synway’s solutions helped VPI lower the overall hardware cost by up to 50%, maintain its momentum among global market and acquire more customers. What’s more, VPI also saw a over 20% annual increase in sales.

Typical Application


Within three years, VPI successfully reached its goals, migrated from its existing vendor to Synway, and completely adopted Synway’s hardware. The benefits through collaboration with Synway are as follows:

  • Multiple features and differentiation;

  • Beneficial to both domestic and global market;

  • Higher customer satisfaction to boost more sales revenue;

  • Significant reduction in operational costs;

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