Synway’s Call Recording Product Family Has been Used in Emergency Services in France and Other European Countries


Caen is a commune in northwestern France. It is the prefecture of the Calvados department. Caen fire brigade(also known as a fire and rescue service or simply fire service) is a public  organization that provides predominantly emergency firefighting and rescue services for a Caen area.


In the sensitive world of fire safety, the ability to record calls made to Caen Fire Brigade Call Center was a necessity for emergency fire call. In the past few decades, the Caen Fire Brigade used its recording solution provided by local operator. However, the Caen Fire Brigade’s decided to implement a migration of its telephony infrastructure to expand its system.

One issue was the need to find a solution that could assure the quality of voice in high-density call traffic and maintain 24*7*365 recording monitoring ability in extreme environment. Moreover, implementing and expanding a recording system have to feature better cost effectiveness and high interoperability. It seemed very hard to find a call recording system with high balance between interoperability, quality and economy.



Via France-based system integrator, Caen Fire Brigade decided to adopt Synway’s call recording family products.

As one of world’s leading manufacturers for recording hardware and software, Synway offers a wide range of product portfolios for use in all kinds of recording applications in legislature, call centers, financial dealing, and control/command operations. Synway’s analog/digital hardware and software component are equipped with multiple voice-processing capabilities like G.729, GSM, G.711 A-law, μ-law, Linear PCM, IMA-ADPCM, MP3, VOX format etc.

Complete Product Range
Synway offers the broadest range of call recording hardware platforms. For two decades Synway has consolidated its position as a leading international call recording hardware solution vendor. Having worked with our products over time, our clients have helped Synway achieve: the most diverse product ranges, greatest scalability, greatest compliance with multi-protocols and multi-networks, and the most installations in Asia and Europe.

Compact Size for Smaller Server
Since call recording plays such a critical role in rescue of Caen Fire Brigade, the Caen Fire Brigade required that the solution could offer high levels of reliability and availability. According to exhaustively test, Synway’s call recording hardware/software was able to meet those requirements through its deployment in virtualized mode in Caen Fire Brigade’s fully redundant central datacenter. Half-length size also save much space and server cost for Caen Fire Brigade.


With competitive Call Recording components, Synway delivered a comprehensive and high-quality solution, enabling Caen Fire Brigade to roll out their further services quickly and efficiently.

The following points are able to be satisfied:

  • Interface with most passive tapping categories: analog, digital PBX, BRI, E1/T1/J1, IP, radar, radio;

  • Complete range of DSP-empowered Codecs, signal analysis, debug-tools for best performance;

  • 7-day application development cycle, effortless migration across all interfaces via a unified API;

  • Half-length compact design, PCI/PCIe form factor, could be installed into most mini-sized servers;

  • All development toolkits available, customizable application demos specifically for any developers;

  • One-stop customer service: help developers evaluate, design, deploy, install, debug and upgrade;

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