Synway’s IP Call Recording SW Adopts Cloud License to Help Developers and SIs Deliver/Debug Recording Solutions More Efficiently

Based on Long-standing IP call recording technology, Synway has upgraded its USB-based license to Cloud license, enabling software developers and system integrators to quickly respond to customer needs. This upgrading delivers some tangible values for Synway’s over 500 partners worldwide:

  • Improve delivery efficiency: license could be provided instantly and automatically from WEB;

  • Minimize Cost: cloud license helps customers shorten development cycle and reduce expense;

  • Higher security: sophisticated encryption technology to protect users’software security;

The VoIP recording software stacks, named SynIPR, inherits Synway SIP and media processing technologies and have been optimized and customized to comply with mainstream IP-PBX and IP phoneset(please refer to Synway’s website for compliance list). It consists of two components: SynIPAnalyzer and SynIPRecorder. SynIPAnalyzer is responsible for monitoring and analysis of sessions over IP lines and transferring the RTP packets to be recorded to SynIPRecorder. SynIPRecorder is for recording of the received RTP packets and writing them to the hard disk.

Key Features:

  • Flexible monitoring modes of protocols and ports

The monitoring of multiple protocols is supported by SynIP Analyzer, and the types of protocols that can be supported are increasing. The driver provides configuration items and API., users are able to monitor certain kinds of protocols and ports through the configuration item to fix configuration, and the monitoring of protocols and ports can be changed dynamically as well.

  • Convenient and efficient monitoring way

Both general monitoring and station monitoring are supported by SynIP Analyzer, that two different monitoring ways are able to meet various monitoring requirements via API flexible changing methods of monitoring.

  • Considerate event types

Various event types are provided by SynIPAnalyzer, including call control events, status events, media events, terminal events, and D channel events. Therefore users are offered enough information from these considerate events to program the application.

  • Unified D-Channel Events

Adopting unified API like Synway’s other call recording products, SynIPR’s D-Channel events are the same as Synway’s DST series. Developers and System integrators could migrate TDM-based applications to IP-based effortlessly.

  • Unified SynCTI Driver Development Platform

Synway’s unified SynCTI driver development platform can be used in conjunction with the other boards in the same environment, using an unified API, configuration items and event interfaces.

Supports simultaneous monitoring of a variety of protocols on a same line
Support D-channel events parsing
Support telephone administration
Support session administration
Support RTP administration
Support configuration of monitoring protocols
Support a variety of monitoring modes

Characteristic Features
Flexible Ways to Monitor Protocols and Ports
Multiple Monitoring Modes
Abundant Event Types
Unified D-channel Event IDs
Flexible Authorization Strategy
Authorization Code Identification Circuit
Synway's Unified SynCTI Driver Development Platform

Supports a variety of recording formats
Supports a variety of RTP streaming formats
Multiple recording methods, including recording of incoming calls, recording of outgoing calls, mix recording of incoming and outgoing calls, are optional
Support of volume adjustment
Support of DTMF parsing
Both file recording and memory recording supported
Supports more than one way to stop recording
More than one format optional to save the recording file
Support query of recording status
Support recording pause and re-recording
Support distributed recording
Support reconnection from the break point

Characteristic Features
Distributed Architecture
Various Encoding Formats Supported
Supports Standard WAV File
Various RTP Decoding Formats Supported
Supports Memory Recording
Flexible Authorization Strategy
Authorization Code Identification Circuit
Synway's Unified SynCTI Driver Development Platform

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