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Gateway Partners with 3CX IP-PBX to Facilitate Seamless VoIP Communication Solution for Qing Chun Bao

As a prestigious company with rich history, Hangzhou Qing Chun Bao Group Co.,Ltd. was rebuilt in 1972, under the reestablishment of Hangzhou Second Pharma Factory. Driving by the ever-evolving enterprise informatization, Qing Chun Bao decided to have a thorough communication change inside the whole company by introducing Synway’s robust VoIP Gateway.

With the deployment of Synway SMG 1000/2000 analog access gateway and 3CX Phone System, Qing Chun Bao was able to integrate the current CRM, ERP as well as its customer system and meanwhile get the chance to abandon the old-fashioned communication system based on legacy PBX.

Thanks to Synway’s expertise in voice communications and the versatility of SMG Gateway for the reconstruction of Qing Chun Bao’s entire legacy communication systems, customers were able to complete the migration successfully within three months.

The benefits offered by Synway SMG Gateway & 3CX IP-PBX solution include:

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