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Reversing pandemics impact, Synway’s Latest VoIP gateway and Phone System Help You Grow Business

You may be struggling to grow your business and brand in a hyper-competitive VoIP communication. And Synway has unique powers to help you out, for some accessible and tangible values as follows:

With over two decades of expertise in signaling and voice technology, Synway VoIP gateway family helps customers access to IP networks from legacy telephony applications more reliably and efficiently. Our field-proven

PSTN/IP signaling technology possesses unparalleled and seamless interoperability with any complex network environments, which exponentially reduces your investments and time to markets under any uncertain situations.


Thanks to long standing IP expertise, Synway has brought out a whole new package of VoIP solutions. Our VoIP gateway, different than rivals, not only delivers its high cost advantages, but also features easy-to-use, customizability, Plug-And-Play capabilities, and world-class voice optimization technologies. It ensures seamless interoperability with any complex network environments and also makes the VoIP gateway an ideal option for system integrators, SPs and enterprises.

Widest option for enterprises and carriers, portfolios include cost-effective and versatile FXO/FXS/GSM/WDCMA/
VOLTE/E1/T1 VoIP gateway, high-performance hybrid VoIP gateway and carrier-grade SS7/SIGTRAN VoIP Gateway,as well as transcoding, call classification and SBC gateway for specific requirements.

Compliant with diverse networks (FXO, FXS, T1, E1, J1, GSM, CDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP): support various multimedia
processing capability (conferencing, fax, compression and SuPerForm echo cancellation for voice enhancement)
and an array of Protocols (SS7, SIGTRAN, ISDN PRI, CAS, R1, R2, Wireless).

With optional inbuilt industrial server, Synway’s VoIP gateways are compliant with any IP-based applications; it
also supports any category of third party software, including UC, IP-PBX, Contact Center and more. In legacy PSTN
network, Synway VoIP gateway could converge applications based on legacy networks.


Modular architecture and wide product range ensure flexibility and expandability from low density to high density.In a single chassis, 2~1,920 channels are available for diverse applications. For all product categories, a unified management software allows for easy configurations, system upgrading or general maintenance.

Support high-capacity voice playback and Codecs, conferencing, faxing; Support T.38/T.30; optimized for IP-PBX,
IVR and ACD applications, with EXT IVR server or GUI management.

Special power system with standby redundancy; advanced cooling system to reassure long-standing robustness ;
special air cleaner to protect against dust accumulation inside chassis; RoHS compliant; Inside temperature control and alert system.

Real-Time Monitoring of VoIP Gateway Status; Management Capability for More Than 10,000 Devices; DCMS
Features Cloud-based Management Capability; Superior Network Access Traversal (NAT) Capability. For Detail,
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