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SMG2000S VoIP Gateway was applied into call center of Finnish Tourist Board to bridge TDM network with SIP trunks

Customer Background:
Finland, a country where there are thousands of islands dotted with lakes intertwined and covered by forests, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to come here to feel this pure land. With the increasing number of tourists, existing traditional call center communication system is not able to meet the requirements of visitors. Obviously, Finnish Tourist Board has to squeeze operating costs, improve communications efficiency by bypassing some irrelevant regulatory, and Connect the existing TDM switch to the IP network for upgrading their legacy systems under the limited budget.

Finnish Tourist Board  expects high performance, reasonably priced equipment to seamlessly connect with the IP network, and they aim to convert legacy PBX into IP-PBX without changing in-place WIRING. There are lots of available VoIP gateway products in the market for option, but many of them are actually manufactured by terminal devices makers who have limited designing capabilities to fulfill enterprises’ requirements.

For the above reasons, the Finnish Tourist Board call center decides to upgrade its traditional system, by adopting Synway’s SMG2000S.

SMG2000S adopts long standing field-proven voice processing technologies, based on continually optimized algorithm of dedicated chipsets in diverse networks. It could offer high audio quality, despite of low bandwidth in extreme environment. For that, enterprise users could enjoy smooth communications effortlessly and efficiently, in situations of restricted bandwidth and high density switching.

SMG2000S could help integrators and enterprises to enjoy cost-effective & Reliable telecom applications, including IP-PBX, call center and more. In case of bandwidth limit, SMG2000S outperforms its rivals in fully loading situations, reliably transitioning between TDM and IP.  According to the user`s experience and comparison analysis, SMG2000S features faster system response speed, and connects with the IP/TDM network faster and more reliably, with very low latency, and increases numbers of trunking frequency. SMG can implement full load communication effectively in the case of low bandwidth, and convert TDM to high definition VoIP reliably. SMG adopts a variety of brands components, optimizes embedded system continually during using, assuring the products can maintain a better stability under the circumstance of long time and high-density usage.

Moreover, SMG2000S adopts synway`s SUPERFORM EHCO CANCELLATION to optimize the voice quality, and supports all kinds of voice optimization technology ,including CNG,AGC and Adaptive dynamic buffer.  And it also adopts DSP-ENABLED Codecs, including G.711,G.722,G.723,G.729,ILBC, AMR, ect, making the voice performance and processing power unique and being able to satisfy all kinds of applying requirements Under extreme circumstances.
Via leveraging SMG2000S, this customer has obtained tangible benefits, including:

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