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Synway VoIP Gateways Enable Smooth Integration between Legacy TDM and IP Contact Center Platforms

ChinaUnionPay selected Synway' SMG series VoIP Gateway to connect its TDM and IP-based contact center operations to the PSTN. The VoIP Gateway’s field-proven support for PSTN and SIP connectivity, along with its powerful routing capabilities and voice quality mechanisms, ensuring that ChinaUnionPay could efficiently consolidate its PSTN connections, with more simplified management and operational cost saving.


As the bankcard association in China, ChinaUnionPay operates an inter-bank transaction settlement system, through which the connection and switching between banking systems and the inter-bank, cross-region and cross-border usages of bankcards issued by associate banks,could be implemented. At present, more than 400 institutions in 140 overseas countries and regions from Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa, have issued UnionPay card locally, with a total of more than 3.8 billion card issuance.

The worldwide network of ChinaUnionPay has covered more and more countries and regions including China, Middle East, North America and India, making it an international leading user for customer communication solutions dedicated to integrated multi-channel customer engagement across countries.

ChinaUnionPay's North America contact center adopted two communication platforms for handling of incoming telephony traffic:

For each platform, ChinaUnionPay maintained a different group of E1 links to connect with PSTN network. In order to reduce operating costs and improve customer service, ChinaUnionPay tried to deploy a media gateway between their legacy and new-generation PBXs, which would work as a transition point with the PSTN.


ChinaUnionPay, which has already deployed Synway solutions at its domestic contact center, needed to integrate the TDM and IP-based PBX systems at its international business center at North America while ensuring seamless interoperability with the PSTN. By funneling all PSTN traffic via one device, ChinaUnionPay could consolidate all its PSTN connections,thereby simplifying management and reducing costs. In order to realize the goal, the new solution would need to offer flexible call routing activities to make all calls divert to the right point and be handled in the most appropriate way.

Finally, after thorough assessment and comparison with other competitors, ChinaUnionPay selected Synway SMG series VoIP Gateway for the whole project deployment. "In the end," said Kailei Liu, Technical Manager from IT department at ChinaUnionPay, “our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. To achieve this, we needed a media gateway that would provide efficient and reliable call routing between our two platforms. Apparently Synway’s solution best suited our special needs and budget and desever our trust for her two decades R&D expertise in VoIP communications.


ChinaUnionPay chose Synway’ telco-grade, state-of-the-art VoIP Gateway to interconnect its legacy and new IP PBXs, serving as a single point of connection with the PSTN. As a result, ChinaUnionPay was able to aggregate all its E1 resources into a single pool, improving the efficiency of its PSTN connectivity and network efficiency.

Meanwhile, Synway's VoIP gateway relies on pure web-based network management software, which brings great convenience to call routing configurations. With advanced calling rules and easy-to-use features, it reassures that each call could be directed to call center platform accordingly. ChinaUnionPay was very satisfied with Synway’s solutions that not only delivered superior voice quality but simplified network management and saved up operating costs.

Synway products possess good interoperability, complete communication protocols and auto adaptability, which make them perfect VoIP gateway solutions for low to high scalability call centers. Besides, other features, including dual power and unique survivability in nonfunctional network or power-off circumstances, also enhance its reliability and stability. 


Today, ChinaUnionPay maintains Synway's VoIP gateway at its global contact center sites, each supporting 4 E1-SIP links. ChinaUnionPay's expanding deployment of Synway's VoIP gateway is the solid testimony to the benefits of Synway’ solution for contact center operators, including:

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