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Synway, maximize your value for channel partner worldwide!

Synway considers value-added channel partners are playing more important role in the hypercompetitive business environments in which technology products swiftly change into commodity. Accumulating decades of expertise in coordinating with channel partners in the international markets, Synway commits to inseparable interdependency with channel partners to market products and services.

Synway has to guarantee the highest value for channel partners and their clients. Synway accumulates much expertise in manufacturing and designing unparalleled performance/price components and appliances for all Asterisk-based open source solutions. Its patent-owned technologies, including its complimentary SuPerForm® echo cancellation, certified DSP algorithms and data processing technology, reassure unmatched business values for distributors worldwide, including:

• Help you differentiate

Reassure channel partners' differential advantages in its region, including service, support, cost, margin and brand name; Synway adopts the most rugged, Synway patent-owned SuPerForm® echo cancellation technology complimentary for all channel partners to improve margin;

• No technical issues annoy you

Help channel partners provide pre-sale/after-sale support, including training and technical consultancy; Synway promises to help authorized channel partners set efficient support and service system continually; Contact us for any technical support.

• Customizability for you

Cater to your personalized needs, including service process, hardware architecture, custom features, or OEM services; As a premium vendor in telecommunications industry worldwide, Synway has be well recognizable to provide its clients custom solutions;

• Free inventory for authorized partners

Provide onsite inventories to replenish authorized channel partners and help them ship swiftly; For general purpose, the authorized channel partners can be entitled with up to 3-month backup inventory to improve customer satisfaction and delivery efficiency;

• Maximize your margin

Unmatched margin to reward channel partners and maximize their business value;Synway leverages its patent-owned technologies and award-winning system architecture, not any third-party licensed ones, to distinguish in both performance and cost;

• Guarantee your investment

Directly serve all regional authorized channel partners, but not non-channel-users; in certain condition, Synway only services authorized channel partners to protect their benefits;

• Reinforce your business development

Support you in market campaigns, including PR, advertisement, tradeshow, showroom conference; Standardize and customize catalog, brochures, application notes, study cases, service, product features;

• Unparalleled warranty

Second-to-none warranty: six-year warranty, refundable three-month return, lifetime maintenance, free technical support; Synway's Asterisk open source components and chassis adopt the robust AllInOne® architecture and the brand name parts, with the best MTBF up to 200,000hrs;
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