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Synway unveiled its latest VoIP recording component - SWIPPA

Synway, a leading convergence-technology provider, announces the availability of its IP recording module SWIPPATM for recording solution providers worldwide. SWIPPATM is a high-density, robust and cost-efficient IP recording component in use for building innovative IP recording solutions. Built on advanced HMP technology for taking advantage of CPU processing resource efficiently, SWIPPATM supports most of the mainstream IP protocols as well as a majority of IP-PBX brands and terminal devices. 

SWIPPATM module is designed around versatile, message-based and modular Client/Server (C/S) architecture, with the following features and benefits for next-generation IP recording solution providers:

• Scalability

The modular design makes system capacity very scalable from low to high density, allowing for a low density system to expand to a higher density system up to 2,000 simultaneous recording in multi-server mode. 

• Flexibility

The recording module does not have specific hardware requirements. The application developer can select their platform and system configuration according to practical system throughputs, price range, and space availability.

• High availability

A high availability system can be built easily and cost effectively by using one standby recording module for other active recording server on the system (1 for N redundancy). 

• Compliance

Having been configured to run well in a variety of field environments, SWIPPATM are compatible with a majority of IP-PBX brands as well as IP terminal devices.

• Measurable performance

CPU usage on a given load specifies recording modules’ performance. On a given recording server, the performance can be easily predicted.

Since 2002, more than 50 leading recording solution developers have integrated Synway SWIPPATM component into their IP recording products. "As a major provider of recording technology, Synway continues to make excitement to us." said Yu.Wu, architecture designer of Xarios Ltd located in UK, "A long term technical partner with Synway, Xarios is seeing new opportunities in IP business. Besides all features inherited from Synway’s hardware-based recording components, SWIPPATM supports flexible, user-friendly application programming interfaces (API) too. Hence my development team can build pure-software IP-recording systems, with less time and efforts".

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