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Synway will unveil integrated multimedia switching platform in VAS Asia 2010

Synway specializes in providing superior open source enabling hardware and media processing/signaling technologies in use for convergence (voice/data/video) communications. Since 1995, over 1000 open-source developers and SP/enterprise solution providers have integrated Synway’s offerings to deliver high-performance, versatile and cost-effective TDM/IP applications and services. Synway has consolidated its leading position for its widest range of portfolios: Asterisk hardware, integrated open source IP-PBX, IP&TDM boards and multimedia switch platform in int’l market.

What Synway will do?

In addition to showcasing its latest hardware components widely used in TDM and IP-based passive call recording applications, Synway, with its India-based partner, will demonstrate the power of its product lines in use for value added service (VAS) and applications, including its special architectures combining both media processing and signaling in single hardware platform, and how to integrate Synway-branded SHD series into SMS platform with other rich features such as fax and conferencing resources in the distributed networks.

At VAS Asia 2010, Synway will unveil its next-generation integrated hardware architecture UMCTTM, featuring high accessibility and open access in hybrid TDM and IP networks. Having been reorganized as the ultimate hardware solution for CTI-related applications, the UMCTTM is specifically designed to combine the Pros of conventional voice boards with multimedia switch, not only inheriting all flexibility and cost-efficiency of conventional voice boards, but also integrating all standard features of switch, such as high interoperability and availability. With 1U, 2U or 6U chassis available, the UMCTTM can flexibly configure for 1~24E1/T1/J1 ports, 30~960 channels SIP-based communication, or 2~128 analog channel voice processing.

Simultaneously, Synway will introduce its VoIP recording component SWIPPATM which has high customizability and compatibility in any special situation. The recording module is based upon advanced HMP technology for taking advantage of CPU processing resource efficiently. SWIPPATM can also run with Synway’s transcoding component (with dedicated DSP resource) to form high-capacity, robust and cost-efficient system in complex environments. 

It is honored to invite all existing clients and other industrial colleagues who are interested in our offerings.  Please feel free to contact us for making an appointment with Synway’s representatives. 

When and Where

July 9, 2010

Booth: No.11

Le Meridien, New Delhi, India

About VAS ASIA 2010

Over 500 million people in India now own mobile phones. India is the second largest & fastest growing cellular market in the world - With ever rising cellular subscribers, Voice is increasingly becoming a commodity. Service Provider’s are experiencing low ARPU’s and high subscriber churn rate. India is witnessing an era when users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, but to express themselves, their attitude, feelings & interests. The 8th VAS Asia 2010 will offer a useful & powerful forum for your organization, and this convention will create Asia’s best MVAS forum in India.

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