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Synway has been working on multimedia processing technologies since 1995, when it started to provide voice monitoring applications for government and public security sectors. For that, a range of media processing capability, including high speed faxing, multi-party conferencing, and data transcoding has been established and improved in past 20 years.

In mobile internet era, Synway continues to adopt the latest media processing technologies, and empowers services providers and integrators to deliver more media resources and contents for enterprises and operators. Based upon Synway’s solutions, SPs and system developers could deliver video, voice, data to any type of mobile terminal devices, including PC, Tablet, Smartphone and so on.

Synway’s multimedia processing technologies are built on its own field proven DSP algorithm, and it has been implemented in most complex TDM and IP networks, with high adjustability and flexibility. It has the following unique features:

● High reliability and availability in complex and changeable network;

● A complete range of multimedia options, seamlessly bridge legacy voice media with new media;

● For most applications environments worldwide, DSP-engineered and no hitting over equipment;

Synway's multimedia processing and signaling family, consisted of SPBX multimedia Switcher, Synway's SHN(IP), SHD(digital), SHT(analog), SHF(fax), is specifically designed for both IP and PSTN networks. Built on Synway's technologies, SPBX, SHN, SHD, SHT and SHF are mutually independent as well as closely interconnected architectures and can maximize investment and sustainability for service providers and application developers in changeable environments. Combining the four products together, developers can deliver cost effective, flexible, feature-rich, high-compatibility solutions in PSTN and IP networks.

ALL-IN-ONE architecture of integrated signaling and multimedia processing

Integrate media processing and signaling built on in-house DSP architectures, and support all of multimedia applications, such as IVR, call center, fax and conferencing, and other highly available solution architectures.

Rich media processing: conferencing, compression, fax, echo cancellation, call control, etc.

Support for enhanced multimedia processing resources, including conferencing, IVR, fax, compression, echo canceller, call control, help developers develop flexible feature-rich applications.

Selectable signaling protocols: CAS, ISDN PRI, SS7(ISUP/TUP/MTP/TCAP), SCCP(MAP)

Offer robust signaling technologies, including SS7 (MTP1-3, ISUP, TCAP, TUP), SCCP(MAP), ISDN PRI and CAS for service providers and application developers to develop and deploy high capability, high performance and highly available enhanced services in PSTN and PLMN networks.

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